Welcome to Purple leaf entertainment!

Purple was formed way back in 2008 in kolkata with the sole motive of delivering state-of-art, path breaking entertainment.

The journey began with Purple Music.

Purple Music became the talk of town and spine of bengali music in no time with top artists like lopamudra mitra, nachiketa, shubhomita, rupankar, raghav, monomoy, srikanto acharya, bikram ghosh, rashid khan, jojo, sidhu, rupam and many more making purple their preferred record lable to launch their music  albums.

Not only top artists, even almost all the producers of bengali films trusted Purple as their preferred brand to market their film music across the length and breadth of bengal and india.

Purple did justice to the trust and ensured the products reached everyone through its huge dealership of over 350 stores across bengal and india. Digitally purple was one of the first record lables to distribute the content across the world in all formats possible.

The trust shown on purple was well justifed with over 2000 songs relased by purple in three years.

Purple ventured into movies from the year 2010, with path breaking technology and concepts. Purple produced over 25 movies in a span of 5 years.

Purple was one of the first M&E firms to understand the changing patters of entertainment consumption and the paradigm shift to the digital format by the consumers.

Purple launched its digital wing in 2014 and have produced over 400 short films in such a short span.

Purple has one of the largest subscription base in its youtube channels which amounts to 18 channels.

Purple is commited to adopt to changing patterns of entertainment , its consumption pattern and format with never ending research and development.

As a continuation of our continued endevour in reaching digital excellence through total consumer preferences, purple launched the first if its kind short films television channel named Purple Shorts, available across the world for the very first time in India, the channel telecasts one new short film every day. This television channel for its exclusivity has already become a house hold name across geographies